Community Health Board Grants

Grant Information

In addition to supporting health planning and decision making, Community Health Boards work to make various grants available to community groups and organizations.

The Department of Health & Wellness provides grant funding to Community Health Boards through District Health Authorities. These annual Wellness Fund grants engage and support local initiatives to address health priorities identified by the DHW and the individual Community Health Boards.

Some District Health Authorities also provide additional grant funding to their CHBs which they can make available to organizations and groups for health promotion efforts.

These grants support unique solutions to local needs. They help non-profit groups and organizations bring to life locally designed projects and programs that promote and support healthy living and community wellness. Interested groups should contact local Community Health Boards for grant applications and more information on how to apply for Wellness Funds.

To learn more about the grants available through your Community Health Board and how you can apply, visit your CHB.

Current grant applications available from the Cape Breton District Health Authority