Baddeck Market Needs a Helper

Baddeck Market Support Person
Description of Position

Helping us out should not take more than 10 hours per week with half of that (5 hours) spent at the market each week! The market is on Wednesdays from 11-2, our support person should be there from 10-3PM. This position will be needed from June 10th to the 28th of October, and will pay a stipend of $100 weekly. Training will be provided for all tasks and the board is always available for questions or to help out.

During the week:

• Handle emails – answering general inquiries, noting vendors who cancel for upcoming weeks, and sending along complicated questions to the board.
• Post on our facebook page 1X per week about exciting new products or news. Share this with other relevant facebook pages, for example, Baddeck events.
• Advertise the market on other on-line forums such as,,, kijiji events, etc.
• Make posters and put up around town as needed during the season.
• Help with planning for workshops. (Board and intern will be doing a lot of this.)
• Help with planning for market tours by coordinating with school groups, service clubs, Alderwood, etc.
• Help with planning the once-per-year economic impact survey. (training and board help provided.)
• Provide board a VERY brief report about the market each week, just what the numbers were, how many vendors there were and if there were any problems, anything else important.
• Check on the market’s community garden bed; at beginning of season make signs for picking instructions and make sure they stay in-tact all year.
• Update website, with new vendors, events or news.

On Market day:

• Post an early morning reminder on Facebook that the market is today.
• Re-check emails for cancelled vendors, print out spreadsheet with attending vendors. (template for this will be provided.)
• Arrive at the hall at 10AM, make sure door is open, if not phone Douglas – 371-6028.
• Place traffic cones up to prevent tourists from parking in parking lot.
• Put up tables for eating and for vendors not able to do it themselves.
• Check bathrooms for toilet paper, paper towel.
• Place educational materials around the tables, and put out donation jar.
• Put up signs.
• If you have time, call a few places in Baddeck to remind them about the market. (a list will be provided.)
• As vendors arrive help them find parking that leaves space along the side of building and top of lot for outside vendors. Make sure cones go back up once vendors park.
• Help any vendors who need help carry items into hall.
• Provide assistance as needed, make sure to have some printed copies of applications and rules on hand.
• Do customer counts. (training provided)
• Do market tours if arranged.
• One market a year conducts an economic impact survey. (Board will help with this)
• Collect fees, making sure vendors initial the spreadsheet next to their name.
• Deposit fees and donations, at the credit union across the street.
• Help vendors who need it carry out items and put away tables.
• Take down signs and put away tables used for eating, and tidy up. (not clean)