Island Food Network holds an Up!Skilling day of workshops each spring. Up!Skilling 2018 will be held April 28, 2018. Read about our 2017 event, below.

The Up!Skilling Food Festival has been building community skills in local and sustainable food from soil preparation through to your plate for the last three years. This year, the Up!Skilling Food Festival has expanded into a four day event thanks to the collaborative partnership of the Island Food Network and Cape Breton University.

Up!Skilling 2017 offered more seats, more workshops, and more space for engaging discussions. This four day event included a film night, conference, food tours and Up!Skilling’s signature workshop event.

Up!Skilling Food Festival & Conference ran from May 11-14, 2017.

Day 1 (Thursday, May 11) – 6PM – 9PM – Film & Opening Reception – (reg. $11.20 unwaged or child $5.91)

Film screening and opening reception. There will be a showing of an adult and children film simultaneously.

Day 2 (Friday, May 12) – 8:00AM – 4:15PM – Academic Conference (Free)

A full day of academic conference discussing food from the perspectives of Tourism and Culture, Health, Agriculture, and Data, and Food and Civic Engagment. As well as paper presentations from three student researchers.

UpSkilling Conference Program

Day 2 (Friday May, 12th) – 5PM – Evening Ceilidh (Free)

Join us afterwards for a ceilidh in downtown Sydney!

Day 3 (Saturday, May 13) – 9:20AM – 5PM – Food Tours (adult $11.20 child $5.91)

A day of food tours. We will meet at the Farmer’s market for an informative tour of our local market, before we join in an interactive game about food security at a local brewery. Please note, children are not permitted in the brewery. There will be children’s activities available at the Farmer’s Market.Then we will bus to two different farms and will return back to the farmers market parking lot for drop off at 5:00pm.

Day 4 (Sunday, May 14) – 9AM – 5PM – Up!Skilling Workshops (reg. $27.11, unwaged $16.51, childcare $11.20)

This is the signature Up!Skilling day of workshops. All day long we will build our food skills in 6 streams including: Cooking, Growing, Preserving, Discussion, Advanced Skills, and Cultural aspects. When you register you can pick the individual workshops you wish attend.


Questions? Contact conference support staff at Cooperative Study Club csc@cbu.ca or call Alicia at the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op at 902-577-3260.

This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada