Hosted Every Spring in Sydney, NS

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The Up!Skilling Food Festival

Up!Skilling is all about sharing local food knowledge and building community around food. Cape Breton has been getting “skilled up” since 2015. This grassroots food festival draws as many as 100 people each spring. 

THE UP!SKILLING WORKSHOP Streams for the Spring 2019 festival

Up!Skilling WorkShop The Larder

The Larder: Learn new and unique ways to preserve your bountiful harvest

Up!Skilling WorkShop Surf and Turf

Surf and Turf: Cooking with Nova Scotia’s bounty from land and sea

Up!Skilling WorkShop Grow Food Not Lawns

Grow Food Not Lawns: Skills to enhance your ultra local food supply 

UP!Skilling Eating Your Backyard

Cultural Fusion: Cooking with Cape Breton’s diverse community of food experts