Cape Breton Farmers’ Market

We are Cape Breton’s only year-round market. Our market vendors come in every Saturday and open their own little “store.” At the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market, vendors bring their local wares to the public, whether it’s farm-fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, honey or maple syrup, home-baked breads, cakes or pies, a one-of-a-kind craft or a delicious meal prepared in our inspected kitchen. We have become an incubator for small businesses, a place where the seeds are sowed and get re-planted out in the business world once they’ve outgrown the market environment. And for the cream of the crop, every Saturday beginning at 10:00 A.M., we are graced with some of Cape Breton’s best talented entertainers! No better way to start your weekend than with a visit to the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market, where we continue “Growing for You.”

340 Keltic Drive, Coxheath, Nova Scotia
Managers: Diane MacLean & Pauline Singer